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About Us

Our Systems and Teamwork Make the Difference

Strayer Communications is a professional computer service company serving small- to medium-size businesses in Allegheny and the surrounding counties. We specialize in network planning (network consulting), computer planning (computer consulting), and ongoing network/computer maintenance. We go out of our way to not only deliver the results you expect, but also serve our clients by being knowledgeable, systematic, accountable, trustworthy and easy to work with.

At Strayer Communications, our mission is to apply the professional systems, methodologies, and team approach used in many large IT departments to small- and medium-size businesses in Allegheny and the surrounding counties. We are your mobile IT department!

Strayer Communications provides businesses with:

  • Professional ongoing technical computer support,
  • Emergency computer repair services,
  • Computer network support,
  • Computer and network consulting services, and
  • Computer project planning.

In fact, we only work with small companies that have between 1 and 200 computers so that we are able to customize solutions to the company’s every need — no mater how small.

Our company is dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, so we are committed to being easy to work with. You are number ONE!