Office Solutions

Whether it’s one, five, fifty or five-hundred employees that access your network data daily, accessibility should be easy, reliable, and fast to ensure your company’s productivity goals are met. Creating the best environment for your company’s data, communication, and access is critical.

At Strayer Communications, we build customized infrastructures that will allow your management team, vendors, and other accessibility partners to have secure access and easy-to-navigate systems. A properly designed and executed infrastructure will help your company generate more profit by streamlining corporate activities thus making access smooth and efficient.

Our office solutions include:

Consulting Services:

We’ll help you design a networking system that’s right for your business, whether you have one computer or dozens.

IT Management:

Computers have a shelf life. Strayer can lead you through the process of repairing or replacing your hardware while developing ways to manage your computer’s security and data.

Network Services:

We can streamline your network, ensure that your productivity is where it should be, and create a remote access service to solve your network issues.


The right software will make your business more efficient by automating processes and streamlining your operational requirements. We can help you choose the systems that you need.

Maintenance Services (repair or replace computers):

Our maintenance services are designed to protect and maintain your computer’s efficiency and productivity throughout the life of your equipment.

PCs and Servers:

We can repair, maintain, and help you purchase laptops, tablets, monitors and/or office/mobile phones.

Conference Room Setups:

We can design and set up your conference room for enhanced capabilities, including wiring for projections, phones, and digital display. Meetings will be more productive when you can access up-to-date information and create a functional conference room.

Projections and Smartboards:

Having these tools will provide you with equipment or a whiteboard that can display video, presentations, and spreadsheets.

CITRIX and Remote Desktop Connectors:

We work with programs including CITRIX, Microsoft Office, Office 365, and DropBox to easily integrate your work products.

24/7 Support

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • 24/7 Monitoring services
  • Computer / network support

Security & Ransomware

  • Computer / network security
  • Ransomware monitoring
  • Virus / malware monitoring

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