Consulting Services

Want to figure out ways to protect your business both in-house and in network? Choose Strayer to help you design a custom-based security program with you in-mind. Do it the right way and secure yourself. Don’t pay the price of leaving your business venerable to malicious attacks.


Consider Cloud Services protected with Strayers own Anti-Virus solutions. Create a strong barrier against potential attackers and phishing scams.

Strayer Cloud Support and Productivity services include but are not limited to Google Apps, Amazon and Office 365.

Remote Support

In-person IT services aren’t always convenient especially if you work from home, are typically out on calls or travel frequently. Strayer offers Cloud-based remote support so that you can quickly get back to business from wherever you are located no matter what the issue.

Monitoring Services

Strayer offers 24/7 Monitoring of Cloud Based Programming as well as offers many other round-the-clock Help Desk solutions.

Cloud Back-Up

Wondering if you should switch to the Cloud for storage? Strayer will access your current back-up needs and give you a recommendation to ensure your information is being stored securely and in the right program.

Consulting Services

Strayer will observe your current network capabilities to see if you should upgrade to the Cloud or if you need any additional program for both Cloud and Non-Cloud Based programming.