Maintenance Services

Maintenance is key to keeping productivity high and computer networks maintaining efficiency. Strayer even has a 24/7 Help Desk with monitoring capabilities to ensure not one profitable minute is lost due to an inefficient network.

Network Services

We will help you Increase productivity, streamline remote access and execute programs easier and more effectively through recommended plans of action. We also have remote desktop connectors available.

Consulting Services

Strayer can help you assess and design a highly productive strategy for your networking needs whether you have design needs for a single computer, small network or a multi-level infrastructure.

IT Management

We will give you the most cost-effective advice when it comes to repairing or replacing your computers. Our IT managers have the ability to solve intricate issues such as virus protection, data recovery, program restoration and network issues.

CITRIX Solutions

Citrix adds encryption to your security system ensuring data and apps coming in and going out of your network are secure while offering virtually little downtime or slow-downs.

Firewalls and Routers

Keep your network even more secure with a Firewall for your Router. A firewall will monitor what is coming in and going out of your network traffic giving your network an added layer of protection.

Network Security Solutions

Predators lurk even within a businesses closed doors. Protect yourself and your business from those trying to steal important data from your network with our security solutions. Keep your information secure and safe with Strayer.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Installation

Protect your computer and your network with help from Strayer by installing anti-virus/malware programming. Prevent an attack before it happens and save yourself the stress and the loss of business.

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