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Is your wireless network secured?

Let Strayer Communications access your wireless network and apply, if necessary, any security measures to keep your company’s files at your company and not in the hands of an outsider who may commit a variety of crimes such as stealing your internet usage, for fraud or other illegal activities, tampering with and corrupting company files, or stealing trade secrets from your company.

Network Services

Networks can be very overwhelming! Strayer Communications can help you understand your network by simplifying the technical jargon and putting it in layman’s terms.

Strayer Communications can design a network based on your company’s needs, or we can maintain your current networks. If you are having problems with your network, we can trouble shoot and check for security issues. Need an upgrade that will improve performance and security, Strayer Coomunications can assist you with that too.

Server and Computer Service Plans:

Maintaining and servicing computers and workstations is no different than maintaining your car. By maintaining your computer systems, they should continue to operate with very minimal down time. But, if that computer system goes down, Strayer Communications offers online Trouble Ticket. Our first action step is phone line or e-mail support and if possible a remote connection to access the situation, before dispatching our qualified service technician.

If you’re in need of upgrades, from external devices, software or full systems, Strayer Communications will be more than happy to sit down with you to access your needs and goals in order for you to purchase the right piece of equipment.

Viruses and spammers are plaguing companies. Keeping your virus protection up-to-date and your anti-spamming programs up-to-date helps maintain a healthy system. Strayer Communications can advise you on the best practices and solutions for these programs. We also offer support if your system comes down with a virus.

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